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June 2018
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Posted by: dwellius @ 5:39 pm

A recent road trip through the Western United States has rekindled my appreciation for nomadic living solutions.  This well-engineered piece of thin fabric was all it took to create a sense of home for my weary soul.

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good design is contagious
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In the-middle-of-nowhere Wyoming, I stopped at one of the Rest Areas that occasionally appear along the Highway.  Carrying with me the mental baggage of distant truck stops, I entered this simple little building to experience a design that far exceeded all expectations. 

Most notable was their desire to demonstrate the building’s efficiency by displaying this concise diagram in the lobby.  Lesson learned: keep the public informed, and embrace the fact that good design is contagious.

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prosperity’s horizon
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Posted by: dwellius @ 2:59 am

I encountered this photo hanging on an old brick wall in Rapid City, SD. 
I was reminded to appreciate everything that I have.

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signs of intelligent life
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Posted by: dwellius @ 9:37 pm

For those deep in creative thought, it can be a breath of fresh air to experience the thoughtful creations of others.  It also raises the bar for what is possible on the streets of Vail, where this tag was discovered. 

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silhouette soliloquy
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Posted by: dwellius @ 1:14 am

How can I verbalize one of my favorite random photos…maybe I’ll get to the root of silhouettes?  Or is it contre-jour?  French for “against daylight,” contre-jour photographs often render the central object as a darker silhouette surrounded by a soft, halo-esque light…

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elevated culture
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Posted by: dwellius @ 6:55 pm

Working with a Civil Engineer on the coast of North Carolina, I was exposed to this common practice amongst the locals: elevate your existing structure, build a new foundation, and voila! instant two-story!  This home had been flooded multiple times over the years, and following Hurricane Irene, the owners decided it was time to rise above.

Also worth noting: the owners were still living “upstairs” as we designed the foundation that would replace this temporary structure.

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my discovery of: Norman Jaffe
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Posted by: dwellius @ 5:04 pm

In summer 2011 I visited Rodanthe, NC and got to experience this unique 1966 beach house, which was listed for sale. I am not the new proud owner of this time-capsule of modern design, but I still return to Norman Jaffe’s architecture and life story for inspiration:  

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manifest manifesto:
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Posted by: dwellius @ 11:29 am

Brian’s observations are to be:

1:  Readily perceived by the senses, especially sight
2:  Easily understood or recognized by the mind; obvious
3:  Inspiring and therefore worth sharing with others
4:  Communicated with maximum imagery and minimal language

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